Happy Work #4 😁

You Are Worthy of Love and Belonging

I really want to share with you the work of Brene Brown. She’s a shame researcher and all-around wonderful thinker and teacher. She’s written several books around the topics of shame, vulnerability, and how we make our lives small and lonely if we don’t take the risk of being vulnerable with at least a few people that are important to us.

Here’s my favorite thing from her work: we are all worthy. She says we’re all worthy of love and belonging. Not when we become better, get smarter or have more money. We’re worthy now. As we are. This is something that is so easy to hear, but it’s hard to feel, and very hard to live. Let’s try, at least for this period of time we have together, to think it. (Or at least consider it. 💖 )

With our worthiness in mind, let’s take another 2 minutes to meditate.