Time to Play! More Script Exercises 🤹‍♀️

Random Fun

Open rand.py and modify the new file to print the variable x so you can see what it contains. Run the program multiple times to see how x changes and see if you can guess what it represents.

Meditative Breathing Guide

Open breathe.py and change it to make a program that helps users breathe 6.5 breaths per minute. It should print out “Breath in”, waiting some time, then saying “Breath out”, then repeat. It should do this for 2 minutes (13 total breaths, each with an in and an out).

Guess the Number

Write a program number_guesser.py that does the following:

  1. Sets a random secret number from 1-14
  2. Prompts input for a guess of what the number is
  3. Prints a success message if the guess is correct and the program ends
  4. If the number is incorrect, print a message indicating if the number is higher or lower
  5. Prints “Out of tries!” after the third incorrct guess


Edit compliments.py so it prints out a random compliment from the variable compliments.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Create a rock, paper, scissors program that evaluates two moves given as input and prints out which move would win. You can reference the rules of rock, paper, scissors here.

Snobby Greeting

Change greeting.py to have the following behavior:

  1. Check if the given name has a “t” or “m” in it.
  2. Print something very friendly if it does
  3. Print “Oh. Hi.” if it doesn’t
  4. Make sure you check for both upper- and lower-case letters

Magic 8 Ball

Make a program magic_eight_ball.py that takes a yes or no question as and gives a yes, no, or maybe response at random.

Virtual Paper Fortune Teller

Create a program that emulates the experience of a paper fortune teller. The program should:

  1. Ask for a color chosen from 4 colors
  2. Ask for a number chosen from a set of 4 numbers depending on which color was chosen
  3. Repeat step 2 as long as you’d like
  4. Finally, have the user choose from a set of 4 numbers and reveal a fortune related to that number

Interactive Rock, Paper, Scissors

Update your rock, paper, scissors program to play against the computer. It should work like this:

  1. Prompt the user for a move
  2. Choose a move at random for the computer
  3. Print what the computer chose and who won